Many people in Buntingford,especially the elderly, and 
others without access to a car, have great difficulty in
attending hospital appointments.    They are not helped
by the inadequacy of public transport to hospitals 
in Cambridge, Stevenage, Bishops Stortford, Harlow and 
Welwyn Garden City.    This is why B.A.S.H.volunteer
hospital drivers service was formed in 1973.  

Would you be willing to help?

Q. What does BASH mean? A. BASH stands for Buntingford Action for Social Help

Q. What is BASH? A. BASH is a volunteer car and driver service for patients of the Buntingford surgeries to enable them to attend medical appointments at our local hospitals.

Q. Where do your volunteer drivers come from? A. We always need new drivers. They are local people who can spare some time to help.

Q. How do I become a driver? A. By contacting Jane Winter on 01763-271484.

Q. How committed would I be?
A. BASH drivers do 2 or 3 journey's a month but some only do one occasionally; any help would be very welcome.

Q. Can I say 'NO' if I am busy? A. Yes. BASH drivers only take on a drive if they can spare the time

Q. I live in one of the villages, can I still be a driver? A. Certainly. In fact we are looking for drivers who live in the villages around Buntingford right now.

Q. What costs would I incur? A. All drivers are re-imbursed for petrol and parking fees.

Could you -- Would you -- HELP -- even a a small way?