Situated along the London to Cambridge Road, Buntingford is a small town
of 5,000 people. It has a central Conservation area and is designated
as an outstanding architectural or historical interest. Buildings
date from the 15th century.

The earliest mention of Buntas Ford is in a document of 1185 which
related to land owned by Knights Templar and it is referred to as
a town for the first time in a charter by Henry III in 1253 which
allowed it to hold a weekly market and a yearly fair. That led to
the town prospering; the market was restored after a long break in
the 1980s; market day is Monday.

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Extracts from the Discovering Buntingford Trail Guides have been used in producing information on Buntingford history. I would like to thank the Buntingford Civic Society for their permission to use this information. These can be obtained from the library at 1 each.

I would like to thank Val Hume for giving me her permission to use articles from the Journal and Monty.

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